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Established in 1993, TRIMURTI POLYMERS , is an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company , leads in the production of Corrosion Resistance Piping System.

We are the renowned Manufacturers of MS/PTFE , MS/HDPE,
Lined Pipes, Fittings, Valves, Dip Pipes, Bellows and
Strainers, Catering to the needs of our esteem clients in
accordance with theire specifications. We placed our firm's
entire resources to real client satisfaction.

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Pipes & Fittings
Two coats of red oxide primer as standard

Valves & Sight flow indicators
Hammer tone colour paint will be given to all Valves & sight flow indicators.

Any specific external finish, paint-colour or epoxy paint can be provided on request at extra price.

Flange Covers
The flange face of PTFE lined products are covered with suitable wooden cover plates for protection of lining. The cover plates are securely bolted to the flanged faces to avoid any damage which may occur during transportation & shipping processes.
Similar wooden flange protectors are also applied for PP/HDPE products with the same objective.

Flange covers should not be removed until the products are ready to install in to position as sealing faces may become damaged. If covers are removed for inspection purpose, they should be replaced immediately.

Do not loosen bolts nor remove section while the system is above 65 deg.C. Or sealing face may distort & cause sealing difficulties on reinstallation. Flange covers or blind flanges should be immediately installed on any sections which are removed from the system to secure the sealing faces & protect them from damage while not in use.

Safety Vent Holes
Should not be plugged with paint, cement, etc. science they release any gases trapped between liners & housing which at elevated temperatures might otherwise collapse liner. They also warm of any accidental damaged to liner before leakage becomes dangerous.

Pipes & Fittings :
2 wats of red oxide primer are applied

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